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Beauty Connection

Week of November 17th

Dress Up Day This Friday November 20th Trans Day

Wear color of the Trans flag to show our support for this candle Vigil. Find more at

Turkey Week Plans

cooked turkey on table
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We will be closed Wednesday November 25th and Thursday November 26th. Please take the time to enjoy some peace and quiet. This has a been….well, a year. I would even invite you to read this article about Thanksgiving from a different perspective. And with hopefully a little more understanding of the Indigenous people before us. I believe we should celebrate, and often. But we also should understand with empathy where we have been.

You, as a team have taught me so much about empathy. And growing outside our comfort zone. This year, I am beyond grateful for you. I am even excited to work with you on Friday at 8am!


This next year we wish you lots of culinary adventures, happy stories, and wild tales from the land of possums. We love your enthusiasm for life. Your heart for all of us and your smile. (We will get to see it outside of zoom soon….)

Thank you for being born, we are so lucky!

Where are we?

Salon Prebook: 80%

Salon RTS: 17%

Goal % as a team: WE are 42% of the way to our Service Goal and 34% to our Retail Goal for November. As of November 15th we should be right at 50%, however, I am watching some number jump now that we have team in full force! And we have both our associates working more floor days! HUZZAH!

Highest RTS %: 1. Elizabeth 2. Liz 3. Arielle

Closest to both Goals: Arielle (CRUSHING IT)

On track for Best Yets: Taylor and Arielle, am I missing anyone??

Where are we going?

Waiting on…..

AIIR Shipment

New Makeup Testers

New Mani/Pedi menu and offerings

Full online Commerce store (with stylist credit!)

Stations will be finished in December.

Elizabeth will be back in real time on Monday November 23rd.

Do you have a favorite meme that should go here? Send it to me!

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