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What’s it really like?

FAQ about working at E. Claire Beauty

What hours do I have to work?

Where are you in your career? Are you building, maintaining, or re-building? We factor in what stations are available for which shifts you would like. Our priority is that you make more than just a live-able wage.

What services do I have to offer?

Where does your passion lie? We will support you with education where ever your heart wants to grow. If you want a niche, right on. If you want to enjoy a little bit of everything, excellent. We believe every one has their own unique talents, it’s not our job to decide them. Just to help you hone, and grow them.

How do I get promoted?

We work together to set monthly goals, these goals will align with numbers that tell us when your clientele says you are ready. They are set numbers that you can grow into. When your demand on time grows, so do you. No guess work, or wondering “when or if.”

What is an associate?

It is someone who works with a Level 4 or higher Salon Professional to obtain their master’s degree in their salon career choice. Currently we offer this in hair, esthetics, and nails. You will work side by side with your mentor to learn business, and advanced techniques, while working on guests. You jump in out of school and get practical knowledge. You will also be growing your own shifts until you are ready to be on the floor. This program comes with a guided path and coaching and typically lasts 4-6 months (if you are already graduated from school.)

Do you hire assistants?

In the state of IL we are allowed to hire shampoo assistants, and we are growing so rapidly, we would love to have you.

Do you offer education?

Education funds are offered at each level in the company. (They grow as you do.) We also have educators that fly in from around the country to teach color, cutting, texture, blow-drying, make-up, facials, etc. We 100% believe in supporting your education.

Are you booth rent or commission?

Our team is founded on commission. It allows us to have more products on the back bar, more color at the ready, more benefits for the team, and more dreams. We pay hourly OR commission, whichever is higher. You have a right to know what your paycheck will be. Life should have financial freedom built into it.

What would I have to bring with me to start?

We supply everything but the shears or the nail electric file. If you have a niche we haven’t started yet, it might take a week or two to get it in. We love supporting our team and letting them grow into new things.

What benefits are available?

Vacation time, retirement, monthly coaching, bonuses, retreats, destination trainings, tools are supplied, education, and perks at our other companies. (Coffee and wellness)

What’s your dress code?

Black and fashionable. Want to wear a three-piece suit? Awesome. Love jumpsuits and black high tops? Excellent. Hair and makeup are expected based on the brand you want to represent for yourself.

What skill level do you hire at?

We don’t hire at a skill level. We hire willing, open, kind people. We are happy to train you if you are willing to put in the time.

How do I know if I will fit in?

Join us for a shadow experience. It’s two hours to get an inside peek. Are we really who we say we are? Are we drama-free? Do we really laugh and play? Don’t take our word for it, join us. Ask questions, we encourage it! Text 618-388-3677 to set up your shadow, we will set you up for success before you come in.

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