AIIR Sapphire Shampoo


AIIR® Sapphire Vegan Shampoo gently cleanses your hair with an infusion of sapphire, sage and quinoa.



Sage removes build-up, enhances natural shine, and stimulates hair growth. Quinoa contains protein-packed essential amino acids that help to repair damage while strengthening and protecting your hair. Sapphire, the stone of wisdom and strength, is infused to recharge your inner strength while balancing your mind, body and soul.

The end result is stronger, healthier hair with illuminating shine.

This vegan shampoo gently cleanses your hair and scalp
Infused with sage and quinoa to remove build up and enhance natural shine
Removes impurities without compromising hair’s natural oils
Helps control frizz and flyaways
Infuses hair with shine and manageability
Enhances body and bounce
Color safe formula helps extend the life of color treatments
Safe for daily use and any hair type
Sapphire, known as the stone of wisdom and strength, is infused to restore balance, bring joy serenity and peace of mind

AIIR Sapphire Shampoo

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Weight 8 oz


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